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The Chicken is on the run!

Fri Mar 21, 2014, 5:03 AM
Hello my dearest friends and watchers :)

If you follow me longer, you have seen some of my illustrations for my project "The Chicken Quest Chronicles".

Some of you aked my about the project. What it is, and what I will do with it.


...Welcome the  the Chicken Quest FAQ!

What`s the purpose of this FAQ?

It`s a good question. On the one hand, I will optrude you my insanity. On the other hand I will give you a view to the project and the world of Caeldris.

What IS "The Chicken Quest Chronicles"?
The Chicken Quest Chronicles is a  fantasyworld with steampunk elements... or a "steamy fantasy" world. A little bit like Fable II ( it`s a little bit inspired but not cribbed !), especially the clothes and  the sense of humour.
The proportions are a more compact as my normal style. But I wanted a change and this edits matches very well,  I think.
Well, the world is partly absurd, that the residents of Caeldris very often shake their heads in disbelief.

What`s the story of the Chicken Quest Chronicles?
Differently as the title suppose, it`s not the tale of a chicken on a throne that distribute some quests. It`s more the story of a young man, who seeks his own way, get lost and stumble from one adventure to the next. On his side  a "steamy rusty bucket" and his two watch-hens.

Steampunk? Steampunk!
In the world of Caeldris you will find some "chickenhearted" (aww I love puns !) steps to create glockwork  and steamy technology and mechanisms.

Magic, what?! Oh yes, it becomes important. It`s funny.. it tickles in the fingertips and smells like burnt up finger nails. Have you once bevor inhaled some finger nails?

Chickenherder, I read always the word Chickenherder!
Oh Yes, why?

Oh so, you will know what this is? Well, the Chickenherder, herds chicken. The Chickens are the holy cows of Caeldris. A Chickenherder is a person that has a special connection to the chickens. True Chickenherders are very rare. Nowadays every douchebag can be a herder -.-

What is Caeldris?
Caeldris is the fantasy world in that you find the storys of  "Chicken Quest Chronicles".
The residents of  Caeldris call the known regions, the unknown regions, the planet and the kingdom ... Caeldris. Hmm very varied...... NOT!

What kind of chickens you will find in The Chicken Quest Chronicles?
You will find some kinds of  chickens. From the  domestic hen that lives his life  with peck, paw and lay eggs, to the "wild hen". Please don`t invite a wild hen to your parties ( your guest`s will thank you for this!). And if you do it although, I HAVE WARNED YOU!
On Caeldris, you will find  also  hens on that you can ride.
Oh and there are the "dark chickens" (no, they are not black or black with white dots! They are soooooooo evil.... muahahahahahah ...*cough* ).

What`s the Chicken Cult?
Chickens are the holy cows of Caeldris. So nobody eats or kill them. You will find two cults. The cult of the hen and the cult of the egg... both are disagree about the beginning. What was first... the hen or the egg -.-
Behind the feathers you will hear something about a dark cult. Detailed informations are not included... please insert some more coins ...

Do you have Airships?
Aye and Airpirates.

Do you have some holy Geese ?
Ow c`mon! Don`t be not  foolish!

Kieran is the Hero of the Story, what makes him special?
Hmmmm ...... eeeeeeh... well.....wait ... I need a moment to think about it.
hmmmmmmm ooooooooh  eeeeeeeem well.... he is cute! Oh an he has a knack for chickens. He`s the born Chickenherder.

What is a R-K5?
R-K is a steamy rusty bucket with his own sense of humour and somthing like a soul. The born warrior and Kieran`s best friend.

This is a Fantasystory, there are classical  races like elves or dwarfs?
No, differently like other fantasystorys, on Caledris only live humans. But you will finde "humanlike" creatures which drives the humans crazy with their shenanigans or their dreads (no I don`t mean their hair!).

We`re finished?
NO, but I have migraine so, we continuing on another day...


If you wish to see or read more, you can  find it on my home blog :)

(The blog is in german and english!)

On my Blog you can find some of my "hookworks", too.

I thank all my lovely and dearest followers for their support!!!

I love you all :)

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